Reinhausen Transformer Automation

Tap changer controls in the TAPCON ® product group have represented uncompromising reliability for more than 40 years. This is yet another reason why Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) is the market leader in the voltage regulation sector. Its extensive experience is now concentrated in the latest TAPCON® generation which offers maximum flexibility for current and future requirements.

ISM® technology - a milestone for the automation of substations.

The new ISM® sets standards with maximum flexibility for current and future requirements. Fitted with the cutting-edge features of communications technology, the ISM® supports all common control system protocols and even offers the opportunity for redundant connection via Ethernet. We have, of course, taken into account the ever-increasing requirements for operational reliability and data security and we guarantee them by implementing role-based user authorization and encrypted communication connections.

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TAPCON ® 250

TAPCON ® 230

TAPCON ® Based on New ISM ® Technology


TESSA ® - Fleet Monitoring System