Universal Simple Control

The USC-II offers unparalleled simplicity in setup and installation with advanced performance in a cost effective universal voltage regulator control.

It is designed for applications not requiring remote communications capabilities and offers economically attractive alternative to continuing the repair of existing analog regulator controls.

The USC-II Universal Simple Control is a microprocessor-based single-phase voltage regulator control able to be retrofitted onto all single-phase step voltage regulators including Type “A” regulators with no load side PT’s. The differences in regulator types (i.e. operation counter, neutral switch, holding switch, motor polarity, phasing) are handled with the USC-II hardware and setup program options.

USC-II power flow modes of operation available including locked forward, bi-directional and neutral reverse. It has 0.5% metering accuracy over a temperature range of -40C to 85C. The USB data port is used to configure settings into the USC-II and capture up to 12 months of events and meter data onto the included ICMI flash drive.