URC-IIITS - Triple Single Recloser Control

The URC offers utilities cost-effective control with flexibility which adapts to most mechanisms, and maximizes a utility’s investment while reducing training costs. It offers multiple methods of configuration that are intuitive and simple to use.

The URC-IIA is compatible with triple-single recloser control and is plug-in compatible with Cooper, G&W, Tavrida, Creat and ABB. They can be adapted to any brand of recloser.

For three phase applications use the URC-II A.

Clear visual indicators provide recloser status at a distance and one touch function keys with LED indicators provide status and function access.

Metered data and settings are accessed from the front panel control keys as are configuration screens.

A front panel flash drive accesses data/event logging and is used for firmware upgrades and pre-configured settings uploads.

Multiple configuration methods: PC, USB Flash Drive or direct from the front panel

Over 40 traditional time/current trip curves with modifiers

  • Includes IEC and ANSI inverse, very inverse and extreme inverse curves
  • Separate curves for Phase, Ground, Cold Load Pickup and Hot Line Tag

Comprehensive communications port options: RS-232 (standard), Fiber (standard), and Ethernet (optional)

Drag-and-drop DNP Points in the ICMI Utility Software to customize the point map

Intelligent battery and temperature monitoring and control

Sequential Events captured on USB Flash Drive and retained for 1 year in monthly files

Power Quality RMS calculation for Phase, Ground and Frequency

Sequence coordination for down line devices

Cold Load Pick-Up (CLPU) with adjustable time delay

Sensitive Ground Fault (SGF) option with a trip range of 2A – 40A

Ground Trip Precedence

High Current Trip (HCT)

High Current Lockout (HCLO)

Both Non-Reclose and Hot Line Tag modes

Configurable Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs available


Optional Communications: radio, RTU, and modem. Cabinet accommodates most modes of communication.

DNP-3.0. Easy set up of custom point maps for SCADA integration

Optional Displays. LCD (-20 C to +70C) or VFL (-40 C to +85C)

DC back up battery with intelligent battery power management

Cabinet. Powder coated aluminum cabinet for control powered reclosers (13 x 16 x 24 inches) (33.02 x 40.64 x 60.96 CM)